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10:48, 26 march 2020
SBU uncovered and stopped illegal manufacture of the wholesale batches of counterfeit excise goods in Dnipro city.
10:41, 26 march 2020
SBU exposed a top official of State Ecological Academy of Postgraduate Education and Management on bribe-taking.
09:51, 26 march 2020
SBU Main Directorate for the Counterintelligence Protection of the National Economy blocked a criminal group, involved in underground manufacture and sale of falsified medicines.
09:18, 26 march 2020
SBU Cybersecurity blocked the activity of a hacker group, who stole money from accounts of natural and legal persons using malicious software.
18:28, 25 march 2020
In Kharkiv, SBU officers uncovered and detained on receiving a bribe a manager of a medical unit of the National Guard military base.
12:16, 25 march 2020
The Security Service of Ukraine has blocked in Zhytomyr region the illegal extraction of sand mixtures on an industrial scale in the territory of the SE "Korostyshiv Forestry".
10:46, 25 march 2020
Dear friends! I congratulate you with the 28th anniversary of the establishment the Security Service of Ukraine.
09:00, 25 march 2020
Dear Ukrainians! Dear colleagues! Today, we celebrate the 28th Anniversary of establishment of the Security Service of Ukraine! I sincerely congratulate every SBU employee with our professional holiday.
08:57, 25 march 2020
The Security Service of Ukraine produced report on its activities in 2019. The publication includes the principles, priorities and significant results of the security agencies activities, as well as the security-sector reform.
17:54, 24 march 2020
SBU prevented the misappropriation of agricultural lands of the National Academy of Agrarian Sciences in Odessa region.

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