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15:14, 31 march 2020
Military CI of the SBU exposed and documented another attempts of recruiting Ukrainian Navy men.
14:34, 31 march 2020
The SBU exposed a group of acting and former servicemen of the Armed Forces of Ukraine led by a chief of one of the utility military units in Zhytomyr region on extortion of bribe from a former National Guard officer, ATO veteran.
12:20, 31 march 2020
For half a year the SBU CI has exposed and stopped the operation of six organized channels of illegal naturalization in the EU countries and unlawful regularization of stay in Ukraine of foreigners, predominantly from the so-called ‘migration risk’ countries.
10:35, 31 march 2020
Today, three years ago, one of the best counterintelligence officers of Ukraine, Colonel Oleksandr Kharaberiush.
17:38, 30 march 2020
The Security Service of Ukraine exposed in Odesa region the propagandist spreading separatist appeals via the Internet.
17:08, 30 march 2020
SBU exposed in Luhansk region cache for illegal storage of military weapons.
16:28, 30 march 2020
SBU CI exposed another attempts of recruitment of Luhansk residents by the terrorist groups to implement reconnaissance and subversive tasks on the territory of Ukraine.
15:58, 30 march 2020
During lockdown, SBU identified 79 people who were spreading the COVID-19 fakes, including four agitprops, managed by Russian side.
15:58, 30 march 2020
SBU exposed and stopped misappropriation of the state-owned enterprise “Kharkiv Electrical Engineering Plant”.
11:28, 30 march 2020
The SBU uncovered the officials of Zaporizzhya City Council on the large-scale communal land fraud. Due to such actions, city budget lost over UAH 50 million (circa USD 1.9 million) of income.

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