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SBU together with foreign partners block activity of international group of smugglers

SBU jointly with Eurojust, Europol and law enforcement agencies of France, Poland and Slovakia blocked the activity of a powerful international group, which specialized in the production and smuggling of wholesale lots of prohibited potent substances.

According to preliminary investigation, the group members established a mechanism for illegal production of steroids for sale on the territory of the EU and Ukraine. Chemical compounds for the manufacture of anabolics they imported from Eastern Asia. The involved persons produced and stored goods in specially equipped laboratories and warehouses in one of the European countries. Members of the group searched clients on specialized sites and transported the goods to the customers through international postal services and private carriers.

To legalize profits from illegal activities, they used a network of substitute firms registered in different countries. During the international special operation, in which more than 270 law enforcement officers were involved, 24 persons were detained in the EU and assets were seized totaling almost EUR 2.1 million. During searches at the residences of the dealers, in particular in the territory of Ukraine, as well as in laboratories, warehouses and offices of the firms additional evidence of illegal activity were detected. The operation was conducted by the SBU Department for Fighting Corruption and Organized Crime with the SBU Main Investigation Directorate under the procedural supervision of the General Prosecutor’s Office.

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