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13:11, 25 february 2020
The SBU Main Directorate of Counterintelligence Protection of the State Interests in the field of Economic Security disclosed the scheme of smuggling into our country of high-value electrical goods with the involvement of the staff of one of the airlines.
11:17, 25 february 2020
The members of the inter-regional organized group, exposed by the Security Service of Ukraine on the illegal drug pushing, are sentenced to imprisonment.
10:38, 25 february 2020
The officers of the Security Service of Ukraine uncovered and terminated illegal activities of the National Police officials from several regions suspected of extortion funds from the participants in criminal proceedings.
08:03, 25 february 2020
The Security Service of Ukraine suspects officials of the municipal enterprise Kyivmisksvitlo of large-scale abuse in the procurement of goods for outdoor lighting of the capital.
16:45, 24 february 2020
SBU exposed the head of the investigative sector of one of the district units of the Main Directorate of the National Police in Dnipropetrovsk region involved into receipt of improper advantage.
15:19, 24 february 2020
SBU Main Directorate of Counter-Intelligence Protection of the State Interests in the field of Economic Security in cooperation with the State Fiscal Service under the procedural guidance of the Office of Prosecutor General blocked refund from the budget of illegally formed value added tax in the amount of UAH half a billion.
09:18, 24 february 2020
SBU officers detained the participants of an organized group suspected of involvement into a number of high profile crimes in different regions of the country and abroad.
18:17, 21 february 2020
SBU officers detected the scheme of budget funds misappropriation allocated for major repairs of roads in one of districts of Zakarpattia region.
16:33, 21 february 2020
SBU jointly with Eurojust, Europol and law enforcement agencies of France, Poland and Slovakia blocked the activity of a powerful international group, which specialized in the production and smuggling of wholesale lots of prohibited potent substances.
15:52, 21 february 2020
The International Cup of Sun Futsal Tournament was held in Ternopil, commemorating SBU Colonel Ruslan Muliar, who died on service in Luhansk region in May 2018. The primacy was organized under the aegis of the Ternopil Football Association and held on February 19-20.

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