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Resident of Khmelnytskiy city earlier recruited by Russia special services is convicted of treason and preparation of terrorist attack

SBU materials helped to convict a resident of Khmelnytskiy for treason and preparation to carry out a terrorist attack.

SBU operatives established that the woman was recruited by the officers of Russian special services to perform sabotage tasks in the region.

SBU officers documented that the woman was collecting the information about the critical infrastructure facilities in the region and the personal data of Ukrainian servicemen deployed in ATO area.

In April 2017, in the course of special operation SBU operatives from Khmelnytskiy Regional Office detained the offender at the bus station in Odesa on her receiving a parcel from Russian supervisors and confiscated the explosive device equivalent to 600 grams of TNT.

Within the open criminal proceeding SBU investigators established that the women also was administering the group in one of the prohibited Russian social networks.   Within the social network group she distributed anti-Ukrainian materials with appeals to overthrow the constitutional system and change the state border. The offender was promoting the ideas of “LNR” and “DNR” and justified Russian aggression on our country.

The City Regional Court in Khmelnytskiy convicted the woman of crime under Part 2 Article 110, Part 2 Article 28, Part 1 Article 263, Part 1 Article 111, Part 1 Article 14, Part 2 Article 258, Part 2 Article 201 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine and sentenced her to 6 years imprisonment.

The verdict came into force.

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