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12:27, 21 october 2019
In Kharkiv region, the residents of border zone were smuggling agricultural chemicals to Russia. SBU detained the offenders on sending another 700 kg batch of goods.
11:42, 21 october 2019
SBU exposed the masterminds who ordered illegal alienation of the land and real estate by groups of thugs.
11:00, 21 october 2019
SBU counter-intelligence established that Russia’s FSB officers force citizens of temporarily occupied Crimean Autonomy to the confidential cooperation. Their main task is to gather information about pro-Ukrainian citizens of peninsula.
19:12, 18 october 2019
Officials of Sumy border detachment helped foreigners from Central Asia in their quest to obtain a legal status in Ukraine. SBU, the State Bureau of Investigation jointly with the Military Prosecutor's Office thwarted this illegal activity.
18:06, 18 october 2019
The SBU detected and eliminated a potential threat of radioactive pollution in Yuzhne town, Odessa region. The emergency situation has been mitigated, there is no threat to lives and health of the residents of the region.
11:42, 18 october 2019
SBU counter-intelligence officers uncovered an enterprise exporting military-purpose goods for the Russian Ministry of Defence from the temporarily occupied territory of Luhansk region.
09:58, 18 october 2019
During investigative actions the SBU jointly with the State Bureau of Investigations confiscated the smuggled brand clothes valued over UAH 100 million (USD 4,000,000).
18:19, 17 october 2019
SBU exposed the large-scale embezzlement of valuable timber from Krasnohrad Forestry SE in Kharkriv region.
14:21, 17 october 2019
Investigation files of SBU Internal Security Department in Donetsk region helped to convict a former SBU employee for his participation in DNR terrorist organisation to twelve years imprisonment in absentia.
12:39, 17 october 2019
Results of SBU internal check were delivered to the law enforcement authorities for further investigation, stated SBU Head Ivan Bakanov.

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