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15:05, 24 january 2020
SBU investigation helped to sentence the resident of Konotop for illegal sales of weapons and military destruction means to three years of imprisonment.
13:58, 24 january 2020
SBU CI Department officers terminated the activities of the source network of the “DNR” terrorist organisation illegal armed formations, which operated in Lyman district of Donetsk region.
10:47, 24 january 2020
SBU detected and blocked in Chernihiv the activities of pro-Russian agitator, who distributed separatist materials through social networks.
10:30, 24 january 2020
SBU blocked in Rivne unlawful activity of the organized group, engaged in the sale of dangerous poisonous substance – metallic mercury in especially big amount.
09:38, 24 january 2020
SBU exposed officials of the “Irshavaahrolis” state forestry agro-enterprise on systematic bribery for the illegal marketing of valuable wood species.
18:08, 23 january 2020
SBU officers detected cache with military destruction means and explosive substances in the territory of a military training ground located in Oleshkivskyi district of Kherson region.
17:06, 23 january 2020
In the framework of combating corruption officers of the SBU exposed official of the “Plant “Generator”” state-owned enterprise on bribery.
16:44, 23 january 2020
SBU disclosed the mechanism of budget funds misappropriation by officials of district state administrations of Ternopil region while natural gas supplying to local educational establishments.
14:23, 23 january 2020
SBU CI Department officers uncovered another attempt of the "MGB DNR" terrorist organization to recruit a citizen of Ukraine for carrying out criminal activity to the detriment of the state security of our country.
11:30, 23 january 2020
SBU Main Directorate for Fighting Corruption and Organized Crime officers exposed First Deputy Head of Operative Unit of the Main Directorate of the State Fiscal Service in Poltava region on obtaining improper advantage.

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