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09:09, 20 may 2019
I fulfil my promise and publicly inform that today I submit a letter of dismissal from office of the SBU Head to the newly elected President of Ukraine.
09:00, 19 may 2019
On the occasion of the Day of Remembrance of the Victims of Political Repressions , a memorial to the commander of the infantry regiment of the UPR Army Lazar Ustymenko was erected in Ustymivka village of Vasylkivskyi district of Kyiv region on the initiative of the Security Service of Ukraine.
14:54, 18 may 2019
The Head of the Security Service of Ukraine Vasyl Hrytsak took part in the ceremony honouring the victims of Crimean Tatars deportation.
11:13, 18 may 2019
The Coordination Group of Anti-terrorist Centre under the SBU Office in Mykolaiv region conducted scheduled special tactical trainings in a military facility in Voznesensk city.
11:00, 18 may 2019
SBU officers uncovered and blocked illegal activity of a group of officers of the Main Department of the National Police in Kharkiv region on systematic bribe-taking from drug dealers.
18:03, 17 may 2019
The SSU summed up the results of the annual training programme on building integrity and reducing corruption risks among Ukrainian security officers.
15:31, 17 may 2019
The SBU officers exposed a scheme for the illegal receiving and sale of sensitive information from automated customs systems of the State Fiscal Service of Ukraine.
09:00, 17 may 2019
In the framework of countering illegal arms and ammo trafficking, SBU officers identified trader of arms and munitions in Poltava.
17:14, 16 may 2019
Within the framework of counteracting illicit drug trafficking, the SBU officers exposed and detained drug dealer in Vinnytsia region.
17:12, 16 may 2019
SBU officers uncovered a corrupt paramedic of a medical unit in one of the correctional colonies in Kyiv Region.

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