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Message of SBU leadership on occasion of 27th anniversary of Security Service of Ukraine

Dear colleagues!

I sincerely congratulate you on the occasion of the 27th anniversary of the establishment of the Security Service of Ukraine.

In the crucible of the joint struggle for the unity and sovereignty of our state, the Ukrainian special service is proving its ability to protect the will of the Ukrainian people for freedom and independence.

For the sixth consecutive year in this unannounced war, the enemy constantly tests us for strength, but always faces a decisive opposition. The service has been reforming on the go, giving a worthy rebuke to the insidious challenges of Russia’s hybrid aggression.

We have boosted our intellectual capacity and the muscle, and have support of the partners. At present, the Ukrainian special service is a full participant of global security process.

We work proactively, in advance neutralizing the criminal intentions of the aggressor, not only in the area of ​​Joint Forces ​​Operation, but also throughout the territory of Ukraine. Selflessness and patriotism of the SBU staff in the defence of state security are an example of loyalty to the oath, example of the invincible will to victory.

A deep bow to 27 of our heroes who paid their own lives for the freedom of Ukrainians from the invaders.

I thank the staff of the Service for professionalism, responsibility and persistent work, and to your families - for support and reliability. I am grateful to the veterans of the Service - to those who moulded a new, civilized intelligence service, entrusted with protection of the state sovereignty and territorial integrity of the country.

I sincerely wish you happiness, health, well-being and new achievements in the honourable duty of serving the Ukrainian people.

Glory to Ukraine!

Head of the Security Service of Ukraine

General of the Army of Ukraine                                           V. Hrytsak


For the Attention of the SBU Head





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