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New law “On SBU" will help to make special service more modern and efficient, - Ivan Bakanov

The SBU Head Ivan Bakanov called people’s deputies for the support of a new draft law “On the Security Service of Ukraine", when it will be submitted to the Verkhovna Rada, as it will help to make the Ukrainian special service more modern and efficient. He stated this during his speech in the Parliament on March 4.

"The strategic guidelines of the updated SBU are clearly defined. It is a modern and efficient Service that can neutralize any threat in the bud. I believe that a new law “On the Security Service of Ukraine", the project of which should be submitted in the Parliament in the coming days, will help us with that”, - said the SBU Head.

He stressed that the national special service is already changing the approaches to work. And this proves the results in different directions.

"Firstly, we have changed the approach to the work of the Security Service of Ukraine from reactive to proactive – we react not upon crime commission, but try to prevent it. We introduced risky-oriented approach in the operational investigative work of the SBU. But for the complex reforming, we need a new law", - stated Ivan Bakanov.

The SBU Head separately emphasized that he is ready for a dialogue concerning the new tasks and powers of the Service, its qualitative reforming: "We will certainly find a compromise in debating a new law “On SBU” in the Verkhovna Rada. But I'm definitely not ready for actions that can even theoretically make Service at least 1 percent less effective".

Separately, the SBU Head appealed certain politicians for not to gamble on the state security. "For those who hope due to various manipulations distract attention from their own violations of the law, I want to remind the phrase of Ancient Rome times - impunity is only temporary," - added Ivan Bakanov.


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