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SBU terminates uncontrolled international communication channel in Mykolaiv

In Mykolaiv operatives and investigators of the special service terminated activities of the group of local residents which organized the illegal routing of international telephone traffic from abroad, which was used also by the representatives of the aggressor-country.

It was documented that attackers using special communication equipment, carried out termination of international phone calls in the network of Ukrainian mobile operators. Afterwards they established traffic in telephone common networks under the guise of local. Illegal business was organized under the cover of legal call center.

In addition, SBU officials established facts of organizers of illegal channel interaction with citizens of Russia and representatives of the occupation regime in the Crimea and in the so-called "L/DNR."

During the searches law-enforcement officers seized computers and black accounts, proving illegal activity of organizers of uncontrolled international communication channel. Within the framework of criminal proceedings initiated under Part 2 Art. 361 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine, the pre-trial investigation is ongoing.

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