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Head of NATO-Ukraine Training Program holds gender equality lecture in SBU Academy

At the SBU National Academy, the Head of the NATO-Ukraine Training Program Ove Urup-Madsen gave a lecture about integration of the gender aspects into the security and defence sector.

Ove Urup-Madsen involved cadets into examination of gender issues. During the meeting the issues related to the achievement of gender balance, integration of the principle of equal rights and opportunities for women and men in Ukrainian reforms were considered.

“If women represent an average 50% of the country's population, then any harassment or limitation of half of the labour potential is a hit on business and the economy. Therefore, for the harmonious development of the state, everyone has to work day-to-day and actively defend equal opportunities for all,” the Head of the NATO-Ukraine Training Program emphasized.

The Academy staff sincerely thanked Ove Urup-Madsen for interesting historical examples, remarkable facts and motivation to implement positive changes in special services’ the activity.


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