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Statement of SBU Head Vasyl Hrytsak

The Russian mass media actively disseminate information that the Russian FSB detained Serhyi Sokolov, an expert of the Analytics and Security Federal Data Center, Chief of that institution Ruslan Milchenko and others.

I would like to remind you, that in August 2017, the SBU published the information that these individuals specifically Sokolov, were involved in provocation by Russian intelligence services concerning setting up fake terrorist acts on the Russian territory against critical infrastructure in Moscow, Kurchatov, Tolyatti, Kursk with the participation of Ukrainian citizens who previously fought in the ATO.

The testimony of direct participants of these events and material evidence provide us with certainty that this operation of the Russian intelligence could be the reason for overt military invasion by the Russian Armed Forces into Ukraine. In fact, this is comparable to the events of 1999, when the bombing of apartment buildings in Moscow, organized by the FSB, became the reason to start a new military campaign in Chechnia.

Today the pretrial investigation of this case is finished and the materials are being prepared to be filed with the court. The investigators and the SBU operatives collected sufficient evidence to indicate that the provocation was planned and orchestrated by the Russian intelligence services. Moreover, we have identified names of particular officers, who directed activities of Sokolov, including a close relative of one of the Russian Security Council members.

Therefore, we consider that the FSB leadership was forced to detain Sokolov, trying to minimize the damage inflicted to their reputation, remove themselves from the activities of the Analytics and Security Federal Data Center, R. Milchenko, S. Sokolov and others involved, taking into account the fact that Sokolov started to get out from under Russian intelligence services control. According to the SBU information, Sokolov recently tried to leave to one of the EU countries in order to publicize the details of the Russian provocations, in which he was directly involved over the last several years.


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