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SBU terminates mechanism of artificial rising of tariffs by energy generating companies

SBU officials jointly with the National commission for state regulation of energy and public utilities terminated mechanism of ineffective usage of assets by energy generating companies, resulting in artificial rising of tariffs for end users.

In the frameworks of action plan on ensuring of energy supply security of Ukraine, the law-enforcers established that during several years in the tariffs included expenses of companies for reconstruction and updating of thermal power units. The special service officials during check of investment obligations discharge documented failure to execute substantial amounts of declared works by the majority of market players. In the result of this operating efficiency of thermal power unit constantly decreased, affording grounds to management for lobbying of unjustified rising of tariffs.

The officials also documented that some companies presented documentation on allegedly execution of updating works in the facilities, which are in the temporarily occupied by terrorists territories. Currently the special service is checking information about possible usage of these assets for the needs of illegal armed groups of militants.

The SBU informed the headship of the National commission about facts of failure updating power plants, resulting in artificial rising of prices for electric energy. In accordance with the findings of correspondent check, the national regulator has taken decision on returning of 2,9 billion UAH to energy generating companies, that let to prevent further rising of tariffs.        

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