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SBU detects unauthorized interfering in the work of State migration service networks

SBU officials detected unauthorized interfering of commercial entity in the work of the State migration service telecommunication networks.

The SBU Chief investigative directorate conducts pretrial investigation in the criminal proceeding, initiated under p.5 Article 191, p.1 Article 328 and p.1 Article 366 of the Criminal code of Ukraine. In its frameworks it is established that during 2014-2015 specialized state enterprise executed works of generating, construction and adjustment of protected telecommunication network for the State migration service (SMS). During the contract execution, the part of money was embezzled because of previous concert with several officials of the SMS and the State service of special communications.

The unauthorized access in the SMS information network left at separate sub-contractors because of the deal and improper execution of technical task. The SBU officials detected server equipment in one of capital private enterprises, having access to the State migration Service network with concurrent access to Internet. According to previous expert conclusions it bears the marks of unauthorized interfering in the work of the SMS unmanned system and establish conditions for restricted information leak.

During the pretrial investigation the SBU didn’t conduct investigations in the premise of the SMS Data processing Center and didn’t seize the server equipment.  

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