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SBU starts special prejudicial inquiry against Russian citizen for recruiting Transcarpathian migrant workers

SBU officials revealed the RF intelligence network, the organizers of which recruited Transcarpathian migrant workers in the Russian Federation for participation in paid actions.

Law enforcers established that the RF secret services in Moscow recruited the citizens of Transcarpathian region under cover of civil organization. During the «seminars» and «conferences» the curators practiced the tasks with the citizens of the region, in particular conducting agitations in favor of autonomy of Transcarpathian region.

Law enforcers documented the illegal activity of one of the chiefs of the civil organization – the former official of the RF secret service. In 2015 he recruited some citizens of the Transcarpathian region, who agreed for money to take part in blocking the roads in the region, conducting protests against mobilization, meetings in favor of autonomy of the region and creation of fake republic «Pidkarpatska Rus'». The SBU operatives established that the handler provided the agents with instructions containing details of protests favorable for the Russian Federation – from the place of carrying out the measures, number of people – to the text of claims and requirements.

The officials of the SBU Office in Transcarpathian region qualified his actions under Part 3 Article 110-2 (financing of the actions, committed to seize state power, change territorial boundaries or national borders of Ukraine in violation of the order provided for in the Constitution of Ukraine) and Part 2 Article 110 (trespass against territorial integrity and inviolability of Ukraine) of the Criminal Code of Ukraine. The citizen of the Russian Federation was put on the wanted list. The special prejudicial inquiry was initiated against him, because he stayed in the Russian Federation. 


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