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SBU stops attempt on statesman`s life

The Head of the Security Service of Ukraine reported to the President of Ukraine, that the SBU stopped an organized in the Russian Federation territory attempt on the life of a statesman - one of the Ukrainian deputies.

            The direct organizer of the attempt was a native of Russia, a former resident of Kharkiv region. In 2014 he left for the temporarily occupied territory of Luhansk region, where he joined the illegal armed formation. He carried out training and coordination of  the activity of sabotage and reconnaissance groups on the delimitation line and was a mid-level manager. He is currently in Belgorod, Russia.

            To perform the crime he selected two citizens of Ukraine. One of them – a native of Donetsk region, previously convicted three times, the last one was 3 years of imprisonment for stealing. His accomplice, a native of Autonomous Republic of Crimea, previously convicted twice, the last one was 3 years of imprisonment for robbery. Both are serving their sentences in the temporarily occupied territory of Crimea.

            On December 14, 2016 they arrived to the territory of Ukraine in Kharkiv to prepare the murder of the statesman.

On December 19, they moved to Kyiv, where held an active exploration and surveillance of the object and tracked his cars for a week.

The criminals sent the reports to their handler under the conditions of conspiracy. Messages, sent via instant messengers, were immediately deleted. Preparing the killing, the malefactors repeatedly traveled to Russia for further instructions.

The criminals together with the handler discussed the method of assassination using a self-made explosive device.

They planned to blow up the car of the people’s deputy. A fall-back option was an explosion on the route of his movement. The ways of immediately leaving the crime scene and fleeing to Russia were worked out.

As a result of the last night covert operations, the criminals were detained along with the brought in readiness self-made explosive device near the home of the Ukrainian deputy.

Seized explosive device – is a plastic container with yielding explosives weighing about 400 grams, ultra-powerful neodymium magnet, electric initiator and battery.

In the course of searches in the apartment and car of the detainees, the officers found and confiscated specially prepared mobile terminals, SIM cards to start the self-made explosive device, communication with handlers and other evidence of preparation for committing a crime, including the photos of the object.

Investigations and operational activities are under way.


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