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SBU detained one of the heads of police internal security unit in Bukovyna for the bribetaking

SBU jointly with the military prosecutor’s office detained one of the heads of police internal security unit in Chernivtsy region for the bribetaking.

The colonel of police through the intermediary of his deputy and lawyer extorted 11 thousands USD for diversion from the taking of bribe to improper influence. They planned to pass 5 thousands USD to the prosecutor’s office and remaining the bribetakers had to distribute against each other.

The special service officials detained the extorter in the premise of military prosecutor’s office of Chernivtsy permanent post in due course of passing the part of bribe. During the search in the office of offender the law-enforcers seized 8,5 thousands USD and 5 thousands UAH.

The criminal proceeding under p.3 Article 368, p.3 Article 369, p. 3 Article 369-2 of the Criminal code of Ukraine was initiated.

The immediate investigative actions for establishment of other possible facts of bribe extortion by policemen are under way.   

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