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Illegally detained citizens of Ukraine are victims of the Kremlin's policy of torture in Russia, occupied Crimea and the Donbas We are ready for any steps helping us to free our hostages and political prisoners - Vasyl Hrytsak and Pavlo Klimkin

SBU prevents ordered by Russia’s special services contract killing of journalist Arkadiy Babchenko – Vasyl Hrytsak

Real story of MN17 crash is a disaster for the top Russian leadership - Hrytsak

SBU exposes anti-Ukrainian activity of RIA Novosti Ukraine Director - Viktor Kononenko, SBU Deputy Head (video)

The SBU documented Russian Army involvement in shelling of Kramatorsk – SBU Head

Last news

14:55, 14 july 2018
SBU officers in cooperation with the Military Prosecutor's Office of Kharkiv Garrison of the Joint Forces Operation exposed and blocked the activities of a group of arms dealers.
18:53, 13 july 2018
Officers of the SBU Main Department for Fighting Corruption and Organized Crime under the procedural supervision of the Prosecutor's Office exposed a corrupt head of a Kyiv-based state enterprise run by the Ministry of Regional Development of Ukraine.
17:15, 12 july 2018
SBU officers in cooperation with the Prosecutor's Office of the Crimea in the framework of the initiated criminal proceeding uncovered the former Head of the Appeal Court of the temporarily annexed Crimea on assisting the occupants.
15:00, 12 july 2018
SBU CI officers detained a Russian citizen who was fighting on the side of terrorists in Luhansk region.
09:16, 11 july 2018
SBU officers blocked the attempt of the Russian special services to commit the cyberattack on the network equipment of critical infrastructure facility operated by the company “Auly Chlorine Pumping Station”.

15:29, 16 july 2018
SBU officers in Kharkiv region prevented smuggling of the collection of art works to the aggressor country.
14:38, 16 july 2018
SBU officers in Kharkiv region blocked the illegal transferring of powerful drugs through the state border.
10:41, 16 july 2018
The Lysychanka City Court convicted the informer of the LNR terrorist organization using the SBU-collected evidence.
11:26, 14 july 2018
SBU officers exposed on systematic bribes a senior state inspector of Odesa Customs Office post of the State Fiscal Service.
15:44, 13 july 2018
Officers of the SBU Main Department for Fighting Corruption and Organized Crime in cooperation with the Prosecutor General’s Office in the framework of the initiated criminal proceedings documented the fact of extorting and receiving the bribe by the head of the unit of the Investigative Department of Financial Investigations of the Main Department of the State Fiscal Service in Vinnytsia region.

News about SSU

16:30, 22 june 2018
The SBU team gained “silver” of the Dynamo Sports club for practical shooting competition among the teams of law enforcement, rescue and other special services of Ukraine.
16:52, 06 june 2018
Declassified documents from the State SBU Archive regarding Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant disaster were put on the UN Register of Educational, Scientific and Cultural Issues.
17:33, 25 may 2018
The team of the Security Service of Ukraine has become the silver medalist of the Championship of Dynamo Sports and Sports Society from polyatlon among the security forces.
16:35, 23 may 2018
A representative of the SBU National Academy, Irina Salii, received the highest reward - a 1st degree diploma- at the VIII International Taras Shevchenko Competition for pupils, students and cadets.
14:17, 23 may 2018
In Donetsk region, SBU officers took part in commemorative events in honour of the dead defenders of our country and peaceful residents of East Ukraine.

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