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“Keep your honour and be worthy of high rank of defender of Ukraine!” - Vasyl Hrytsak (video)

SBU officers in Parade on Independence Day of Ukraine for second time (video)

SBU: pre-trial investigation on preparation of terrorist acts in central Kyiv completed (video)

Illegally detained citizens of Ukraine are victims of the Kremlin's policy of torture in Russia, occupied Crimea and the Donbas We are ready for any steps helping us to free our hostages and political prisoners - Vasyl Hrytsak and Pavlo Klimkin

SBU prevents ordered by Russia’s special services contract killing of journalist Arkadiy Babchenko – Vasyl Hrytsak

Last news

18:58, 20 september 2018
Employees of the Security Service of Ukraine, within the framework of measures to protect the objects of the transport critical infrastructure of the state exposed a large-scale illegal scheme devised by officials for appropriation of Highway Fund money.
14:53, 14 september 2018
SBU continues to expand its cooperation in the field of cybernetic security with key critical infrastructure facilities. To develop an effective system of cyber-security, SBU has signed a memorandum with Ukrenergo national energy company and Ukrhydroenergo private joint stock company.
10:09, 14 september 2018
Employees of the Security Service of Ukraine prevented the attempt of the representatives of the aggressor country and the occupational “administration” to create a mechanism for financial and logistical provision of the terrorist organization "LNR".
19:16, 13 september 2018
Employees of SBU Kharkiv Regional Office detained members of an organized group that terrorized local businessmen masquerading as members of Kharkiv ATO Veterans Association.
11:30, 13 september 2018
Employees of the Security Service of Ukraine in the framework of a complex of measures to protect the land fund of the country blocked the illegal mining of mineral resources, which led to the depletion of land resources in the Poltava region, on the territory of the state enterprise.

15:39, 20 september 2018
Employees of the Security Service of Ukraine jointly with the National Police exposed a corrupt member of the Military Medical Commission of the Rivne Regional Commissariat.
15:21, 20 september 2018
Employees of the Security Service of Ukraine jointly with the prosecutor's office exposed a corrupt leader and an official of one of the inter-district divisions of the State Bailiff Service of the Main Territorial Department of Justice on bribes in Odessa region.
14:45, 20 september 2018
SBU officers of Main Department for Fighting Corruption and Organized Crime blocked the illegal traffic of unregistered medicines to our country.
10:32, 20 september 2018
SBU officers exposed the official of the Main Directorate of the National Police who demanded the systematic bribes in Odessa region.
15:38, 19 september 2018
Employees of the Security Service of Ukraine have removed a lot of especially dangerous drugs in Vinnitsa region.

News about SSU

09:04, 18 september 2018
The SBU officers took part in a training course on analytical support of operational and investigative activity in the sphere of counteraction the organized crime and drug trafficking. This course was held in Kyiv in the framework of Project “Activity-EU: EU Actions on counteraction of drugs and organized crime”.
14:45, 13 september 2018
On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the “Prague Spring”, Kyiv welcomed exhibition “1968-2018: For Our and Your Freedom” based on declassified documents of the SBU State Archive.
10:50, 10 september 2018
Officers and cadets of the SBU National Academy visited Uzhgorod and Ivano-Frankivsk with the exhibition of paintings “Invisible Guard” and a performance-requiem “War without a Term...” dedicated to officers of the Ukrainian special services killed during the ATO and JFO.
16:01, 28 august 2018
The Cybersecurity Situation Center team of the Counter-Intelligence Protection Department of the State's interests in the sphere of SBU information safety took part in the First National Hackathon on Security and Defense issues. The format of Hackathon provides the competition of software development specialists.
12:03, 17 august 2018
The SBU took part in a round table devoted to the reform of national critical infrastructure, boosting the chemical safety and protection in the east of Ukraine. The OSCE event took place in Kyiv with the assistance of the assistant Secretary for Infrastructure Protection of the US Internal Security Department, David Wolfe.

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