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SBU detains one of ISIS key leaders (video)

SBU: soon, society would learn new substantial results of Kateryna Handziuk case (video)

SBU welcomes home Ukrainians illegally imprisoned in Russia

SBU Head: swearing allegiance to Ukrainian people, you uptake huge commitments and liabilities (video)

SBU detains Russian tanker "NEYMA", which blocked Ukrainian warships in the Kerch Strait (video)

Last news

16:28, 15 november 2019
As a result of joint special operation of the Security Service of Ukraine with foreign special services in Kyiv region, one of the key leaders of the terrorist organization Islamic State was detained.
11:14, 15 november 2019
Russia’s FSB asset is convicted to 12 years imprisonment. SBU CI exposed the asset in summer this year in Poltava region.
11:50, 14 november 2019
Zaporizzhya region: SBU detains district prosecutor on extortion of USD 10,000 bribe
17:01, 11 november 2019
In Mykolaiv operatives and investigators of the special service terminated activities of the group of local residents which organized the illegal routing of international telephone traffic from abroad, which was used also by the representatives of the aggressor-country.
16:08, 11 november 2019
The Security Service of Ukraine exposed UZ ex-official on UAH 50 million embezzlement.

09:58, 19 november 2019
The case on seizing UAH 96 mln worth of property of the insolvent “VTB Bank”, now in administration of the Individual Deposit Guarantee Fund, which has been exposed by the Security Service of Ukraine, is submitted to the court.
17:16, 18 november 2019
SBU blocked the illegal industrial-scale coal mining in Donetsk region. The losses to the state budget top UAH 8,000,000 (USD 325,000).
16:27, 18 november 2019
SBU suspects the owner of Donetsk road-repair company in financing of the “DNR” terrorist organization.
15:28, 18 november 2019
SBU in Chernihiv region detained a resident of Kyiv who used a fake SBU Officer ID to collect money, allegedly for veteran causes.
11:30, 18 november 2019
SBU exposed Kharkiv City Council Department management on systematic acts of misappropriation of the budgetary funds allocated for roads repair.

News about SSU

15:12, 18 november 2019
Kremenchuk is the 28th city to welcome the art exhibition “Invisible Guard” and a performance requiem “War without a Term” dedicated to perished SBU servicemen.
10:23, 13 november 2019
Within implementation of NATO-Ukraine Programme the first seminar on BI in the operation of defence and security institutions took place in the SBU Center of Culture and Arts.
17:23, 11 november 2019
Officers and cadets of the SBU National Academy presented in Kramatorsk the exhibition of paintings “Invisible Guard” and a performance-requiem “War without a Term...” dedicated to fallen during the ATO and JFO Ukrainian servicemen.
09:37, 06 november 2019
Within the framework of reforming in line with the best international practices, SBU established and held five regional educational events “Hybrid aggression: distinguishing and preventing”.
09:49, 16 october 2019
For the first time since Ukraine’s independence, state funds have been allocated for building a block of flats for SBU officers in Dnipro region. Over 60 SBU officers and their families will get the flats.

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