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SBU Head passes remains of GI fallen serviceman to the ambassador of Kazakhstan (video)

Vasyl Hrytsak: SBU detains suspected of committing bomb attack against colonel of the Service Oleksander Kharaberiush

Vasyl Hrytsak: SBU prevented a number of terrorist acts planned by Russian secret services against civilians in Mariupol

SBU investigators issue notification of suspicion to the head of Russian PMC “Wagner” Dmitriy Utkin

SBU detains two offenders, involved into a range of subversions in the territory of Ukraine (video)

Last news

13:34, 18 december 2017
In December the SBU officers stopped the activities of three anti-Ukrainian administrators in social networks, who posted materials in line with the instructions of curators from the Russian secret services.
11:59, 18 december 2017
In 2017 10 individuals are sentenced under the SBU military CI materials for the crimes against national security grounds and 43 for the illegal activities of terrorist nature.
11:49, 16 december 2017
The SBU officers in cooperation with the Military Prosecutor's Office detained the participants of the organized drug group, which also included the National Police officers, in the ATO area.
11:10, 16 december 2017
According to the SBU materials, three militants of terrorist organizations "DNR" and "LNR" were sentenced to imprisonment in Mykolaiv and Luhansk regions.
16:04, 15 december 2017
The SBU officers in cooperation with the Prosecutor General's Office uncovered on bribe-taking the arbitration manager of the "State Dnipropetrovsk Casting and Mechanical Plant".

10:52, 16 december 2017
The SBU officers in cooperation with the servicemen and the Police Office uncovered the cache with ammunition of Russian production in the ATO area.
13:21, 15 december 2017
The SBU officers in cooperation with the Prosecutor's Office, border guards and customs officers, seized almost 20 g of cocaine from the foreign drug trafficker in Odesa International Airport.
15:05, 14 december 2017
SBU officials jointly with the customs officers and the officials of the prosecutor’s office blocked in Odesa importing in our country of a large lot of smuggled cigarettes, manufactured in self-styled Transdniestria.
13:30, 14 december 2017
SBU officials jointly with the Military Prosecutor’s Office and the National Police detected in bribetaking the head of interdistrict unit of the State Enforcement Service of Kharkiv region.

News about SSU

10:58, 08 december 2017
The SBU team finished first in the 20-th sports conquest among the security services.
14:00, 04 december 2017
The tournament dedicated to the memory of the SBU the captain, Victor Manzik, who died on March 21, 2015 during the performance of official duties in the ATO area, took place in Lutsk. On December 7 Viktor would have been 31 years old.
17:41, 29 november 2017
The SBU in cooperation with the OSCE conducted in Kyiv the international roundtable discussion “Role and place of special services in protection of critical infrastructure facilities”.
09:27, 28 november 2017
The SBU National Academy scientists prepared “The Russian Federation ideological and quasi-legal ground of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea annexation” research.
13:31, 03 november 2017
During the meeting of All-Ukrainian Council of Churches and Religious Organizations, all participants supported the motion of the SBU Head Vasyl Hrytsak and applied to the heads of all-world confessions with a request to assist in the process of hostages’ release.

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