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Follow-up to temporary entry and exit procedures for citizens of Ukraine and foreigners (stateless persons) visiting the uncontrolled territory as of June 16, 2015 (extracts)
3 July 2015
SU seized 120 tons of food products for terrorists
The Security Service of Ukraine officials jointly with the State fiscal and border guard services shut off the supply chain of food products to terrorists from the "DPR".
3 July 2015
Vinnytsia region - SSU reveals informer of Russian secret service
Vinnytsia region - The SSU established and detained another informer from the agent net, created by the GRU MO RF officer, nicknamed "Starshyna".
3 July 2015
Attempt of ID card obtaining with the forged documents was blocked in Mariupol
The SSU officials detected in Mariupol the facts of documents forgery for the ID-cards obtaining for conflict line crossing.
3 July 2015
Odesa region - SSU detains acting head of District State Administration for taking UAH 400 000 of bribe
Odesa region - The Security Service of Ukraine in cooperation with militia bodies detained an acting head of District State Administration and a village mayor.
2 July 2015
Kharkiv airport - USD 1000 for unimpeded crossing of border
The SSU with East regional Department of State Border Guard's assistance suppressed the activity of the 'corruptive section' in the division of the Border Guard 'Kharkiv-airport'.
2 July 2015
Suppression of illegal mines in national park
The SSU suppressed an unlawful activity of two illegal brigades, having conducted illegal mining operations on the territory of Zalishchytskyi district, Ternopil region.
2 July 2015
Kyiv - SSU reveals 4 kilos of the explosives in cache (video)
In an industrial area of Darnytsia district, Kyiv, the SSU officers detected a cache with explosives, arms and ammunition.
2 July 2015
SSU detected corrupt official in its ranks in Poltava region
The special service officials jointly with the military prosecutor's office detained the SSU Office in Poltava region senior investigator for a bribe.
2 July 2015
Prykarpattia - SSU exposes corrupt border guard
Ivano-Frankivsk region - The Security Service of Ukraine cracked down on illegal smuggling of excise goods (tobacco) to Romania across the customs border of Ukraine.
2 July 2015
Kharkiv region - Officials extort bribes from displaced persons
The SSU officers jointly with prosecutors and the State Migration Service of Ukraine detained an official of the said service in Izium district, Kharkiv region.
2 July 2015
Organizers of so called 'Kyiv People's Republic' are sentenced
Two residents of Kyiv, who via social media promoted creation of the so called 'Kyiv People's Republic', were prosecuted.
2 July 2015
SSU detained the organizer of the drug lab in Kherson
The SSU officials in Kherson region detained the organizer of the drug lab on amphet illegal psychotropic substance manufacturing. The offender mined the entrance into the drug lab with the F-1 grenade.
1 July 2015
SSU detained Rivne military enlistment office official for 600 USD bribe
The SSU jointly with the militia detained the military enlistment office official and the doctor of the military physician board, which regularly take bribes for the avoidance from the mobilization.
1 July 2015
SSU detained couriers of the "DPR" terrorists with USD 55 thousands (video)
The SSU officials jointly with the border guards and the State fiscal service of Ukraine officials detained on the checkpoint the vehicle, which moved in the direction of the temporarily occupied by the terrorists Novoazovsk.

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Applications for accreditation in the ATO area

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