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21 October 2014
Bribery of voters has been detected in Luhansk region
Luhansk region - the Security Service of Ukraine has detected a fact of bribery of voters in favor of one of candidates for people's deputy.
21 October 2014
Today SSU Head reports President of Ukraine on preliminary investigative results of incident with candidate for people's deputy V.Borysenko
The SSU Head has reported the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko on preliminary results of investigation related to an incident with a candidate for people's deputy Volodymyr Borysenko.
21 October 2014
SSU does the best to ensure peaceful and secure parliamentary elections in Ukraine
The Security Service of Ukraine does the best to ensure peaceful and secure parliamentary elections in every district of Ukraine - from the west to the east, the SSU Head Valentyn Nalyvaichenko said in the interview with the TVi channel.
20 October 2014
Dnipropetrovsk - SSU detains DPR's militant with 20 kg of plastic explosive ready for terrorist act against garrison (video)
Dnipropetrovsk - the Security Service of Ukraine detained in a conspirative apartment one of DPR's militants, native of town of Marhanets, Dnipropetrovsk region, Mr. "S", dob 1984.
20 October 2014
SSU detains 8 participants of illegal paramilitary formations in Donbas
SSU Counterintelligence Office detained four citizens of Ukraine, involved in shell attacks on residential areas of the region, collecting and passing the information about deployment and rotation of the Ukrainian Armed Forces' units to the DPR's militants.
20 October 2014
SSU detects underground subversive organization preparing terrorist attacks during elections in Kharkiv and Kyiv (video)
The Counterintelligence unit of the Security Service of Ukraine has detected and disrupted a plot of foreign special services on destabilization of the situation in Ukraine by committing terrorist attacks against state top officials, subversions at critical infrastructure facilities, organization of mass riots involving pro-Russian citizens.
20 October 2014
SSU reveals international criminal organization specialized in illegal organ transplantation
Kyiv - SSU jointly with MIA officers detained two citizens of Ukraine, members of transnational criminal organization specialized in illegal organ transplantation.
20 October 2014
Odessa - SSU detains four militants of so called Kulikovo Field with arsenal of weapons
Odessa - in the framework of the prevention operations ahead of the special elections to Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, the SSU suppressed an extremist group, which by order of RF special services had to commit a series of terrorist and protest actions in order to destabilize the situation in the region.
18 October 2014
SSU prevents terrorist attacks on strategic facilities of Zaporizhzhia
The Security Service of Ukraine has detained a subversive group that was planning a number of terrorist attacks on strategic facilities and administrative buildings of Zaporizhzhia region in order to spread panic among population and destabilization of situation in the region on the eve of the extraordinary parliamentary election.
17 October 2014
SSU detains two armed militants
The Counterintelligence unit of the Security Service of Ukraine detained two militants who had participated in an armed attack against ATO forces. It has been established that during May-June, 2014, a citizen of Ukraine 'D', 1978, as a member of the DNR terrorist group took part in an armed stand-off with ATO forces in the town of Sloviansk.
17 October 2014
Illegal moving of unique locomotive of world cultural heritage from Donetsk to Russia is planned
The SSU has information about criminal intents of DNR offenders to move illegally to the Russian Federation a locomotive Ь-2062 that has historical value and belongs to the world cultural heritage. It has been established that yesterday preparations for movement of the historical piece from the Museum of History and Development of Donetsk Railway abroad through the Uspenka checkpoint started.
16 October 2014
SSU detects and suppresses illegal transaction with radioactive materials
It has been established that in late July, 2013, the offenders transported across the Russian-Ukrainian border approximately 3 kg of depleted uranium and a carrier with class 1 of danger chemical substances on the basis of mercury concealing hazardous goods from customs control. Smugglers planned to arrange a transit channel of radioactive materials via Ukraine and their sale to potential customers from the Middle East.
16 October 2014
Mariupol - SSU thwarts an attempted commitment of terrorist attacks against Ukrainian politicians
Completing counteraction to a Mariupol gang of 'Chechen', the SSU CI has detained a citizen of Ukraine 'Sh', 1972, militant of the so called DNR, aka 'Osetyn', who by order of terrorists prepared subversive actions against Ukrainian politicians during their stay in the ATO area.
16 October 2014
SSU CI detains spotter and woman-militant
It has been established that one of the detainees, a citizen of Ukraine 'M', 1988, was recruited by a militant of an illegal armed unit Oplot in May, 2014, and tasked to monitor and pry at positions of the Ukrainian servicemen. With some practice, the militant adjusted terrorists' fire of Grad rocket launchers at units of the Ukrainian Armed Forces near Donetsk villages Antonivka and Yelyzavetivka. Near Volnovakha the CI detained a 25-year old citizen of Ukraine 'V'. Armed she took an active part in combat actions on the side of terrorists against Ukrainian servicemen.
15 October 2014
In Chernigiv region completed investigation of criminal proceedings on serviceman, which passed confidential information to RF intelligence bodies
In due course of pretrial investigation it was established that contract soldier by the order of Russian special services collected confidential information on military unit (including information about persons of officer and key personnel, which took part in ATO in the east of Ukraine, patterns of military communities' defense and other). In the following collected information was passed to RF special services.

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