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30 September 2014
Dnipropetrovsk region - SSU terminates international jewelry smuggling channel
The SSU detected the illegal activities of some officials at the 'Dnipropetrovsk-Airport' customs point, regional customs of the Ministry of Incomes and Fees. Abusing their positions, the perpetrators assisted at smuggling - illegal import of jewelries from Turkey to Ukraine.
29 September 2014
SSU Head Valentyn Nalyvaichenko: "Every missing or captive person is important for us"
Nalyvaichenko said that the main SSU priorities are the counterintelligence operations and fight against corruption. 'We are doing all possible to deter terrorism funding. Our task is to prevent terrorists and subversives from committing a crime, so every person could feel secure,' the SSU Head reported.
27 September 2014
SSU CI detains militants hiding behind civilians' backs in an attempt to evade prosecution
For the last two days SSU Counterintelligence detained seven citizens of Ukraine, who participated in battle actions on the terrorists' side and collected the intelligence for them.
27 September 2014
Policeman-turncoat - a leader of Vostok's subversive group arrested in Mariupol
The SSU Counterintelligence Office jointly with Ministry of Internal Affairs detected and detained a traitor in the ranks of the MIA officers in the ATO area - police major, whose last position was an acting chief of Mariupol local police office headquarters of the MIA Office in Donetsk region.
27 September 2014
SSU suppressed an attempt to create covert international communication channel
Kyiv -The Security Service of Ukraine detected and suppressed an illegal activity of a group, which interfered into the telecommunication network of the mobile providers by means of specialized hardware and software.
26 September 2014
SSU Warns Of Fake Emails From Public Authorities
The SSU warns that Russian security services conduct cyber attacks against Ukrainian citizens to take control of information and telecommunication systems and personal computers.
26 September 2014
SSU Detained Two Militants-Deserters in Kyiv Region
The SSU Counterintelligence Office detained two citizens of Ukraine who had actively participated in fighting against Ukrainian forces and fled to the capital to avoid prosecution.
26 September 2014
Kiev - SSU And GPO Detained Investigator For Bribery
The Security Service of Ukraine jointly with the General Prosecutor's Office detected and stopped an unlawful activity of major case investigator of Kyiv regional prosecutor's office, who demanded a bribe from a suspect.
26 September 2014
SSU Eliminates Psychotropic Substance Smuggling Channel To Ukraine
SSU law enforcers jointly with Customs and Border Guard authorities detected and stopped the illegal activities of group of some persons who have organized psychotropic smuggling channel to Ukraine.
26 September 2014
In Kramatorsk SSU detains sniper's associate
KRAMATORSK (Donetsk region) - The SSU CI officers have detained an active participant of combat actions on the side of terrorists, liaison of a 'DNR' sniper, who was left in the released city for subversive activities.
26 September 2014
Luhansk region - SSU detains a 'guide' of subversive group that committed crimes against civilians
In Stanychno-Luhanskyi district the SSU Military CI officers have detained a member of a subversive group that was conducting sabotage in the rear of ATO forces.
26 September 2014
Odesa - SSU Terminates Criminal Group Responsible For Destruction of Nebesna Sotnia Monument
SSU detected and terminated illegal activity of a criminal group responsible for barbarous acts against monuments commemorating Ukrainian patriots. They also distributed anti-State leaflets and organized arsons of billboards with pro-Ukrainian slogans to swing the socio-political situation in the peaceful Odesa region.
26 September 2014
SSU detains offender who participated in terrorist attacks at Ukrainian aircraft
The Security Service of Ukraine has detained a member of the DNR terrorist organization who committed crimes and terrorist attacks against aircrafts of the Ukrainian Armed Forces.
25 September 2014
SSU Initiated Criminal Proceedings Against Former Minister of Finance of Ukraine
September 24, 2014 - the Security Service of Ukraine initiated criminal proceedings against former Minister of Finance of Ukraine Kolobov Y.V. and other members of the Ukrainian Government for a crime under Part 2 Article 364 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine.

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