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21 November 2014
Psychotropic substances smuggler was convicted to ten years of imprisonment in Zaporizhzha region
By the decision of Melitopol district court of Zaporizhzha region the sentence was given to the organizer of psychotropic substances smuggling conveying into Ukraine channel in the criminal proceedings, pretrial investigation of which were conducted by the SSU investigators.
21 November 2014
Following SSU General Prosecutor's Office notified the head of Zhytomyr regional court and two tax men on suspicion
Following SSU General Prosecutor's Office notified on suspicion the head of Zhytomyr regional court and two his accomplices - former head and official of regional tax administration, which extracted bribes for assistance to individuals, interested in implementation of justice in behalf of them.
21 November 2014
SSU engages in activities on returning assets to Ukraine, which were taken abroad by former senior officials
Security Service of Ukraine engages in activities on returning assets to Ukraine, which were taken abroad by former power representatives in Ukraine led by the ex-president Viktor Yanukovych.
20 November 2014
SSU detained three "DPR" terrorists' sources per day
SSU Counterintelligence detained three terrorists' associates during last day, including the citizen of Russia.
20 November 2014
SSU presented book about genocide of Ukrainian in 1932-1933
He turned attention that genocide of Ukrainian people have been continuing namely in hardest-hit regions from Holodomor in 1930. "We should understand that in 1930 so many Ukrainians died. Why many of us don't have relatives. Why crimes of genocide have been continuing today namely in hardest-hit regions from Holodomor-genocide in 1932-1933", stressed the SSU Head.
19 November 2014
SSU frustrated "DPR" sabotage-reconnaissance, consisted of the RF citizens
The Counterintelligence of the Security Service of Ukraine in cooperation with Armed Forces of Ukraine servicemen detained subversives, which attacked one of Ukrainian servicemen checkpoints in Donetsk region.
18 November 2014
SSU prevented a high profile terrorist act in Kharkiv. SSU Head Valentyn Nalyvaichenko said this in briefing (video)
According to him, the Security Service of Ukraine detained members of dangerous criminal group, involved into commitment of terrorist acts and subversions on the territory of Kharkiv region. In particular, offenders planed terrorist act on Malyshev plant during the Kingdom of the Netherlands delegation visit.
17 November 2014
SSU detects corruption scheme in regional office of State Agency for Land Resources of Ukraine in Kharkiv region
Kharkiv region - The SSU officers detected and suppressed illegal activities of a chief of the Main Office of the State Agency for Land Resources of Ukraine. The official initiated corruption mechanism of extortion and obtaining illicit benefit for privatization of land.
17 November 2014
SSU criminated a bribe to four State ecological inspection officials in Odessa region
The SSU in Odessa region officials jointly with the MI officials detected and suppressed illegal activities of the State ecological inspection official, which received improper advantage from entities engaged in foreign economic activities for free passing of ecological and radiological inspection of inbound cargoes.
16 November 2014
SSU detains DNR militants in Donetsk region
A special operation of the SSU counterintelligence officers and Kyiv-2 battalion resulted in detention of a group of militants near the town of Volnovakha, Donetsk region. According to the available data, three detainees were members of DNR illegal paramilitary forces. All of them are residents of Donetsk.
16 November 2014
SSU detained RF citizen, which arrived to Ukraine with the aim of committing acts of sabotage (video)
The SSU counterintelligence jointly with the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine and "Azov" regiment command on November 13, 2014 detained the Russian Federation citizen Dmytro Rasseikin, YOB: 1987, native of Kursk region, resident of Murmansk region, member of "Restrukt" neo nazi organization, which was recruited by the RF FSS with the aim of penetration to "Azov" the MI of Ukraine voluntary regiment.
15 November 2014
Security Service of Ukraine suppressed meat products transit smuggling channel
On the territory of one of Kyiv cold storage facilities offenders organized the terminal point, where they made marking of Ukrainian manufacture to meat products of European manufacturing. After that the freight with forged documents directed to Luhansk and Donetsk regions. From there, smuggling products arrived to Russian Federation through the controlled by terrorists territory.
15 November 2014
SSU detained two "DPR" intelligence men in Donetsk region
The counterintelligence of the Security Service of Ukraine detained in Volnovakha district of Donetsk region two citizens of Ukraine, which by the order of russian special services prepared subversions against Ukrainian servicemen.
15 November 2014
SSU seized gems smuggling freight in "Boryspil" airport
The citizen of Ukraine, which tried to take out abroad 85 kg of amber, was detained in the checkpoint of "Boryspil" airport. He intended to depart for CPR in transit through the Turkish Republic. Offender packed amber in three luggage valises and tried to cross the border by "green channel" without customs registration.
14 November 2014
SSU investigates cases against former MPs
"The suspicions are substantiated. They will be prosecuted and the files will be brought to trial. The line is drawn - responsibility is inevitable," - promised Nalyvaichenko.

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