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24 April 2014
So-called Strielok's group is involved in the murder V. Rybak
The Security Service of Ukraine established that a group acting in Donetsk region under the command of a Russian GRU officer Ihor Strielkov and a Russian citizen, lieutenant colonel of the GRU Ihor Bezlier are involved in a murder of Peoples' Deputy of the Horlivska Municipal Council Volodymyr Rybak.
24 April 2014
Security Service of Ukraine seized over a million rounds of live ammunition
The Security Service of Ukraine withdrew from illegal turnover over a million imported rounds of ball cartridges with the total weight of 12 tons.
23 April 2014
The Antiterrorist Center of Ukraine informs
In Donetsk and Luhansk region, despite the decision on amnesty, perpetrators who in fact are real criminals keep on killing people, hold government buildings, take hostages and brutally torture them.
23 April 2014
Antiterrorist Center under the SSU informs
22 April 2014
The Security Service of Ukraine eliminated a conversion centre with a circulation over UAH 100 million
The SSU jointly with the Ministry of Revenues and Taxes has detected illegal activity of an organized criminal group in Sumy region. The group had been providing illegal services of conversion into cash through 30 sham enterprises.
22 April 2014
Official of the State financial inspection detained on bribery charges
Officers of the SSU Office in Odessa region revealed illegal activity of the State financial inspection official, who requested and received USD 8,000 from a director of a local state enterprise.
21 April 2014
SSU Prevented Russian Special Services' Subversive Operation
The Counterintelligence Department of the Security Service of Ukraine detected and suppressed an intelligence and subversive operation of the Russian special services aimed at tarnishing our country's image. In 2012, an FSB colonel Oleksii Oleksandrovych Chepik recruited a citizen of Ukraine 'O'. In January-February 2014 two tasks were passed to him, namely to establish a contact with activists and leadership of the UNA-UNSO organization and to smuggle small arms to the Russian Federation under the FSB guidance.
20 April 2014
Armed Provocation on Easter Night near Sloviansk
Armed offenders and saboteurs, who terrorize local population in Sloviansk, resorted to a cynical provocation overnight to April 20. A feinting external attack on a checkpoint and shooting of several cars led to a person's death. In the course of the ongoing investigative activities, law enforcers have established that there wasn't any organization, except saboteurs and criminals supported and armed by the officers of the Russian Main Intelligence Directorate of the Armed Forces that night in Sloviansk.
19 April 2014
In Zhytomyr Region the Right Sector Surrendered Voluntarily 21 Boxes of 'Molotov Cocktails' to the SSU
April 19, 2014, the surrender was witnessed by the public representatives, the Right Sector activists and the SSU Office leadership. This step is a result of mutual understanding of the need to de-escalate tension in society, as well as of an importance of sticking to the Geneva agreement provisions and a common coordinated stance with the regional law enforcement and special authorities concerning protection of the national statehood and territorial integrity of Ukraine in conditions of an external threat.
19 April 2014
SSU Investigates Anti-Semitic Crime in Donetsk region in order to Prosecute Its Masterminds
The Security Service of Ukraine investigates the facts as regards distribution of provocative anti-Semitic leaflets on behalf of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People's Republic. The masterminds and perpetrators have committed crimes punishable by Ukrainian and international legislation.
19 April 2014
Ukrainian Paratrooper Told How GRU Colonel Attempted to Recruit Them
According to one of the Ukrainian paratroopers who were detained by an armed group at the approach to Kramatorsk on April 16, 2014, blocking of Ukrainian servicemen of the 25th Airborne Brigade of the Ukrainian Airmobile Forces in Sloviansk was orchestrated by a colonel of the Main Intelligence Directorate (GRU) of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation I.I. Strielkov.
18 April 2014
Anti-terrorist center under Security Service of Ukraine reports

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