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Follow-up to temporary entry and exit procedures for citizens of Ukraine and foreigners (stateless persons) visiting the uncontrolled territory as of May 12, 2015 (extracts)
22 May 2015
SSU gives strong evidence of participation of Russian regular officers in combat actions in Ukraine
The SSU officers have established and will provide international authorities with names and military ranks of GRU task force soldiers, who executing criminal orders illegally and with arms crossed the Ukrainian state border and took part in terrorist and subversive acts against civilians and the Armed Forces of Ukraine.
22 May 2015
Two antiukrainian social networks' administrators detained in ATO area
Kramatorsk and Sloviansk, Donetsk region - The SSU revealed two citizens, having organized and administered 26 antiukrainian groups in the social network "VKontakte", and tried to involve youth into illegal information activity.
22 May 2015
ATO area - SSU detains bribetaker in military commissariat
Donetsk region - May 21, 2015, the SSU in cooperation with Military Prosecutor's Office detained on bribes taking the head of department of the Krasnoarmiisk-Selydivsk joint military commissariat.
22 May 2015
SSU is opened to dialogue with international organizations regarding detained individuals conditions of staying on the territory of Ukraine
The Security Service of Ukraine is opened to dialogue with international organizations regarding detained individuals conditions of staying on the territory of Ukraine.
21 May 2015
Russian UAV shot down by special forces in ATO area (video)
In the antiterrorist operation zone the SSU forces received more evidence of the Russian involvement in an armed attack against Ukraine.
20 May 2015
Kharkiv region - Local leader of pro-Russian movement sentenced to three years in prison
The Kyiv District Court in Kharkiv sentenced a leader of a local pro-Russian movement Iskhod to three years in prison. The SSU officers detained the offender late February 2015.
20 May 2015
SSU blocks bank accounts of ten self-proclaimed 'ministers' and leaders of terrorists
Combating terrorism financing the SSU jointly with the State Financial Monitoring Service detected and blocked bank accounts of ten leaders of the 'DNR' and 'LNR' terrorist organizations.
20 May 2015
SSU exposes judge of Economic Court in Kyiv region in bribery probe
The Security Service of Ukraine in cooperation with the General Prosecutor's Office detected and disrupted corrupt actions of a judge of the Economic Court in Kyiv region.
20 May 2015
In Dnipropetrovsk SSU detains lecturer - bribetaker
The Security Service of Ukraine detected a senior lecturer of one of the state universities in Dnipropetrovsk, who extorted bribes from students and postgraduates.
19 May 2015
SSU exposes international scam involving Russian biker 'Khirurh'
Officers of the Security Service of Ukraine exposed an unlawful mechanism used by a Russian biker, nicknamed 'Khirurh', jointly with managers of two financial companies 'Forex Trend' and TOV 'Foreks trend' to embezzle funds of citizens of Ukraine, Russia and CIS states. Part of money was sent to finance DNR and LNR terrorists.
18 May 2015
SSU investigates crimes against Crimean Tatars by totalitarian regime
The Security Service of Ukraine resumes activity of an investigation team focused on criminal deportation of Crimean Tatars by Soviet authorities, the SSU Head Valentyn Nalyvaichenko said while passing archival documents to representatives of the Crimean Tatar Mejlis.
18 May 2015
SSU passes to Mejlis members three thousand copies of archive documents on Soviet repressions against the Crimean Tatar people
Nalyvaichenko: "Today we commemorate the victims of the crime against humanity, committed by the Stalin's repressive regime, concealing and removing its traces".
16 May 2015
Chernihiv region - SSU detains two militia officers suspected of receiving UAH 30 000 bribe
Chernihiv region - The SSU in cooperation with the General Prosecutor's Office and Ministry of Internal Affairs exposed and disrupted illegal activities of two militia officers who accepted a bribe from a local entrepreneur.
16 May 2015
Kharkiv region - SSU detains Border Guard chief on taking bribes
The SSU in cooperation with State Border Guard Internal Security Office revealed the chief of "Kupiansk" Border Guard Office of Kharkiv Border Detachment, who involved his subordinates into corruption.

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Applications for accreditation in the ATO area

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